Monday, April 21, 2008

Prager Group field trip to see Ben Stein's movie "Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed"

On Friday, April 18, eight Pragerites got together to view the wonderfully truthful Ben Stein movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed at Regal Cinema in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. The show started at 7:15. In attendance were Harvey & Bonnie Finkelstein, Dan & Angie Hall, John & Dianne Mueller, Ciprian Sas (whom I actually spotted holding a Prager sign as he walked inside the theater) and yours truly.

The place was more than half full on the premier night of Stein’s highly anticipated film. Personally, I don’t get out to Middleburg Heights often, but I must say it’s a great area (of course, any area is great compared to the one I live in). The movie ran about 90 minutes and the crowd, at times, laughed at some of the antics of the scientifically confused evolutionary thinkers Ben Stein interviewed.

When it ended, we went around the corner to Panera Bread, got our coffees, and started the discussion. Bill Bennett fans Angie Silva & Vicky Kudla joined us at Panera, as did Pragerite Mary O’Malley who came in prior to her attending a later viewing at the same theater. For the most part, everyone thought the film really hit home.

The movie pointed out how the hard-core evolutionary thinkers such as Dr. Richard Dawkins of Oxford University are dead-set on presenting cosmological, geological, and biological evolutionary theories as scientific facts, which they certainly are not. Ben Stein interviewed many scientists who were ridiculed and even fired from their jobs for daring to imply that Charles Darwin’s theory of human evolution was questionable. Amazing! No one’s ever seen an ape turn into a man and the evolutionists think we ought not to even question it?

You could see the anger spewing from Dr. Dawkins and others as they talked about how foolish, in their view, the Intelligent Design and Creation movements are. However, in spite of their anger, they never did offer any scientific evidence what so ever that even remotely explained how any forms of evolution could ever have taken place. The reason: there simply isn’t any evidence to be found.

I’ve got a saying: evolution is the dumbest thing that so many people have fallen for. Of course, Dr. Dawkins and his gang of God haters (and make no mistake about it, that’s exactly what they are) aren’t interested in what science says. Not at all. They’re just concerned with keeping their secular religion (evolution) at the forefront of the scientific community.

The most incredibly foolish statement throughout the entire movie was when Dr. Dawkins told Ben Stein that evolution is as much of a scientific fact as anything could possibly be. I’ve heard other evolutionists make this statement as well. But it only takes a moment of critical thinking to understand how untrue Dr. Dawkins’ words really are. Real quick: the earth being round is a "scientific fact." No one in their right mind would disagree with this. However, that an ape turned into a man (which is what Dr. Dawkins believes) is just as much as a scientific fact as the earth being round is absolutely not true.

No one has ever seen an ape turn into a man in the same sense that we can see, right before our very eyes, that the earth is indeed round. This is just common sense, which is something that Dr. Dawkins and most evolutionists are lacking.Ben Stein’s showing of Communism (Stalin) & Nazism (Hitler) and how they suppressed freedom of thought for millions of people is analogous to what the evolutionary thinkers are trying to do to those who believe, based on science, that evolution is really unscientific.

Stein showed how evolutionary thought was the catalyst that led to the extermination of millions of people during WWII. People deemed unfit to live by the God haters of the day. Of course, that’s also happened here over the past 35 years under the guise of child killing (abortion). The Berlin Wall was shown being torn down and Stein’s film is crying out that we tear down the "Evolutionary Wall" that’s keeping public school kids and college students from hearing the scientific facts that support a God created universe. At the discussion it was mentioned that some reviews of the film were bad, but that’s to be expected.

As far as I’m concerned, if the media says it was bad, then it must be good for America. After all, they say our brave soldiers arebad, but we know they’re good. As Pragerites we realize the media is no friend of conservative minded thinkers. So, if you haven’t seen Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, I urge you to do so.

I may even go back myself for a second dose of this amazingly honest and informative movie; a documentary that should go a long way in educating the public (and Heaven knows they need educating) on how evolution is being taught in our public schools and universities solely because the God haters control those institutions and not because science supports any of the unscientific theories the evolutionists actually promote.

God Bless Sonino John Paul Scardelletti - A Christian

(DM: Great write-up, Sonny, as usual! Thanks.)


  1. All,

    The present Pope permits Roman Catholics to believe the scientific theory of evolution. Are the Pope, and Catholics who accept evolution as true, not Christians?
    John Derbyshire and Jim Manzi excoriate Ben Stein for "EXPELLED" in the current NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE. Read what they have to say, if you want to know why conservatives who accept modern science, like me, are so outraged by the claim that ID is science.
    Very recently, David Berlinski responds in defense of Ben Stein. I will read this posthaste.


    Mike Sauka

  2. All,

    Derbyshire and Berlinski, two "heavyweights," will debate this in NRO. If you are interested in a "no holds barred" duel online, check this out. It will likely go on for a few days, and, will be available in the NRO archive for years.



  3. All,

    Ignoring the numerous ad hominems, Berlinski seems to be claiming that the origin of species is better explained by the actions of a designer than by descent with modification due to natural selection, meiotic drive, genetic drift, etc., all natural mechanisms. True, the designer may be natural rather than supernatural. If so, one must consider his/her origin. If the designer is supernatural, God, then, can there be supernatural science? I think not, but, show me where I am wrong!