Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First an Introduction

Thank you for inviting me to post on this new Dennis Prager blog. As I have not yet become an active member I should probably introduce myself before I step up onto my soapbox.

I was raised in Los Angeles and have listened to Dennis since approximately 1982. My first exposure was a local radio show called "Religion on the Line", perhaps the finest hour on religious thought I have ever encountered. Dennis moderated the show and it was his guidance that caused me begin to take religion seriously, and not as the caricature we so often find in the media and amongst our friends and family. I would never had gotten to where I am on my journey had I not been fortunate enough to come across this show and more importantly Dennis and his other radio show and his books. Somewhere in my home office I still have some cassettes of his shows which I recorded off the radio. Before the days of podcasts I would listen to them quite frequently.

I am looking forward to becoming active in the group. I know the people I will meet will share many of my views and values. I also know that they will believe what they believe because they have examined their views and have arrived at them by way of reason and clarity and not by group think. For a brief period in the 1980's I switched to the Democratic party and found that group think flourished. Also I found, as Dennis says, that as a whole these are very angry people. They are fond of demonizing everyone who disagrees with them. Curiously they rarely demonize our enemies. In fact I can't remember hearing the word "enemy" while I was in the Democratic party of the Reagan years.

Thank you again for all your efforts and I look forward to reading more posts.


  1. Glad to have you, Carey! What a great introduction, too. I'm looking forward to meeting in person, hopefully soon!

  2. Carey...I can empathize with your journey. Having been raised in a 'liberal' environment, I 'knew' that conservatives were terrible folks - I was told as much constantly. Yet I was uncomfortable with the lack of clarity on the left and the failure to be critical of truly evil regimes while being hysterical about our own country and its shortcomings. This never sat well with me.
    Dennis Prager gave voice to what I was intuitively feeling and had noticed about the change of the left from a reasoned and reasonable political outlook to a radical and unreasoned set of cliches.'
    The lack of depth of thought which I had always assumed was the province of the right, turned out to be a much bigger issue for the left.
    In any event, Dennis has one of the most thoughtful shows on the air and I enjoy the wide range of topics and debates that he hosts.
    Welcome to Prager NEO.

  3. I, too, suspect that Prager fans will share views and values. My native Pittsburgh was the land of the labor union Left. Bill Buckley and the National Review offered me a credible alternative POV. I was persuaded that "The Right" was often right, both factually and by reasoned analysis. The Austrian economists usually discredited Leftist economic claims. How could a rational person side with the Lefties?
    I have been on the Right ever since I began to think about political issues. A lifetime of study, debate, and thought have confirmed the wisdom of my chosen path. Dennis Prager and his fellow radio commentators are a welcome addition to the defenders of Western Civilization. The battle over clashing values continues. Since losing is unthinkable, we must continue to fight the good fight in this war of ideas.