Friday, December 14, 2007

Where do I belong on the “Offend-o-meter”?

Dennis’ Happiness Hour today was on one of my very favorite topics: I’ll admit it, I’m a recovering Offendee, and that is in spite of my honest-to-goodness feeling that I’m not terribly sensitive.

In an effort to check my recovery, I will tell you what happened the other evening and then ask you to vote on where you think I belong on the Offend-o-Meter. A high rating means Dennis would say I went overboard in being offended in this situation and a low rating means I handled the situation well, non-offensively speaking. If you think “offended” doesn’t fit this scenario, you can say that, too.

I entered the auditorium at a local college and looked for a good seat from where I could reasonably see all the performers on the stage; I didn’t want to sit behind a pole or since I’m short, behind a tall person. I’m trying to curb my bad habit of taking an aisle seat, even when the row is empty, so I selected a middle section row and a seat that was two-or-three from the aisle and next to another couple.

I reached to pull the seat bottom down and heard a voice, “You have the whole auditorium to pick from and you choose here.” I looked around and a woman in the seat directly behind mine was looking at me.

I said, “Did you say what I think you said”?

She said, “Yes.”

“Did you really mean that”?

She said, “YES.”

Now, please take the “What should Dianne do next?” poll on the right-hand column. Thanks!

Then you can go to my blog to see what really happened and then you can tell me what you think.

If you have had a similar experience to relate and are looking for judgment from your Prager Peers, go for it!


  1. No big hair. Oversized ego perhaps. My son keeps reminding me that Wayne Dyer says, "There are no justified resentments," but I tend to forget that in the heat of battle.