Monday, March 10, 2008

After the "fall" - so to speak.

The March 9 Dennis Prager Group meeting happened, in spite of the Snowfall of 'aught 8.'

Some of us were lucky enough to be married to people who had big and powerful snow blowers, the kind that cut through 17" of fluffy stuff like a hot knife through butter! To the right is my house in North Ridgeville; notice the sharply defined snowbanks?

Then there were others (Sonino John Paul, for example) who may not be able to dig out their cars yet.

We six - we adventurous six - met at Kerry's Westlake meeting room but there should have been seven. Angie, Dan, David, Phil, Melissa and Dianne were there but Kerry was missing. Our dedicated Cincinnati, Ohio, leader, Jim Searcy, looked up her phone number and I called but there was no answer. It's funny how time changes you; in an earlier age I would have been irritated that our hostess wasn't there, but now I just worried that something bad had happened to her.

And, it had. We learned later that Kerry's mother had passed away, quite suddenly, and the burial was in southern Ohio. Kerry tried to let me know that she wouldn't be there but I never saw the email.

But, in the meantime, we six headed off to the local Applebees to have the meeting, and left a note for anyone who showed up. We're still of a mind that it could be some not-so-serious reason, after all, that kept Kerry away... maybe the time change?

Truth be told, these meetings can take place anywhere. It could have been a parking lot if it had been a lot warmer and someone brought food and drink. It's the dynamics, the ripple effect caused by a gathering of Conservatives, that leaves me exhilerated, hopeful, and always more informed than when I arrived.

If only I could roll the video tape for you instead of having to rely on a bank of dusty memory chips. The Elections and the Candidates took center stage, to be sure, but the 'key' light was on Hope, hope that Republicans take the presidency.

We each have differing concerns and levels of concerns over what will happen in the next eight months but we ultimately agreed that there should be a gathering of Dennis Prager Discussion group people on election night, '08. We have time to decide where the meeting will be but mark your calendars now for the 1st Tuesday of November, 2008.

And to Kerry, our sympathies on losing your mother.

We'll see you all next month, on April 13, at Panera's Bread at the Golden Gate Plaza, in Mayfield Heights.

Don't forget to use this blog to let us know how Dennis has been changing your thinking, or just what it's like for you living like a Conservative in a world of Liberals.

My best to you all! Keep the faith! And God Bless America!

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