Monday, February 25, 2008

Cleveland Area Prager Group Meeting # 3

Date: February 24, 2008
Location: Panera Bread, Mayfield, Heights.
Length of Meeting: 1:45Attendance: 5
Pragerites: Dianne Mueller, Melissa McCutcheon, Connie Fleming, Maryann Tegowski and Sonino Scardelletti.

The coffee and food were good. The place was buzzing. The owner's making a killing. Many topics were discussed and everyone contributed to the conversation. We talked about the Republican/Democrat Presidential candidates. John McCain most likely will be squaring off against Barack Obama. McCain would, no doubt, demolish Obama in a debate.

But Melissa stated that he must put Barack "on the spot," forcing the Senator from Illinois to make his positions clear on issues like Health Care, the War in Iraq, and Same-Sex Marriage. It was stated that if Obama became President, then another attack on our country would happen in the not so distant future.

Dianne mentioned an interview she heard concerning a politician who wrote a book about people having to "whisper" their views on certain issues. According to Maryann and Connie, that's true, but only if you're on the Right. Left-wingers can trumpet their views and never feel the heat.

The housing foreclosure problem came up. Having not bought a house in over 20 years, I was stunned to learn from the group that lending institutions simply threw out many of the strict "borrowing guidelines" I had to meet in the 80s, thus allowing people to buy homes they really weren't able to afford. A most interesting discussion to be sure.

We all learned a little something from one another. And, since this location is near a freeway, the next "east side" get-together will be at Panera Bread, as well.

Date & time will be provided later. The next meeting will be at Kerry's Place in Westlake on March 9, 2:00.

Look for the "Prager Plaque" located on a table. Then take a seat and start talking about current issues.

God Bless
Sonino "Sonny" John Paul Scardelletti - A Christian

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