Saturday, August 16, 2008

Whopping good August meeting!

When I say "Whopping..." I don't mean whopping as in large I just mean whopping as in great meeting.

There were only four of us (Angie, Marjorie, Roger and me - no relation to the Michael Moore movie) and yet - and not too surprising - it was the kind of meeting that covered the Prager Group gamut. Who would think that four people could keep up lively and inspirational conversation for two hours?

We owe it all to Dennis!

And we did it without smoking cigars. (I just listened to a podcast where Dennis bravely bared his soul and risked it all by admitting how much he loves to smoke cigars and pipes. It sounded like pipes take a backseat to cigars because I have never heard of a Pipe Bar, only a Cigar Bar. But you can correct me if I'm wrong.) Dennis spoke of the recent trip to a place with a humidor and where he and Allan spent a delightful two hours in conversation, puffing on their cigars. We just drank coffee and pop and snacked on sandwiches and potato chips at Panera's. The conversation put us on equal footing, me thinks.

We missed the rest of you, though. Didn't want you to think you weren't missed.

I have to keep this short because I'm supposed to be doing my homework but I wanted to mention that I found a wonderful treasure-trove of editorials when I loaded up I-Tunes with podcasts. The subjects vary but all are very interesting and especially timely.

I put them on my IPod Shuffle and was in hog-heaven all afternoon at work listening to these 3-4 minute long audio versions of well-written editorial/opinion pieces by Investors Business Daily. There are tons of them in the archives, so many that I have many more to listen to tomorrow.

If you don't have an IPod or MP3 player, you can still listen on the computer, through I-Tunes. The advantage to I-Tunes is that they will probably run one right after another. At least that's what they do on my IPod.

One can also get the written op/eds as well as the audios here: or subscribe to the audio versions through I-Tunes. I just couldn't help but share this with you all.

Oh, yes, another great - and accidental - find at my local library: David McCullough recorded a speech he gave in 1993 when he was receiving an award. The audio CD is entitled "The Course of Human Events" and is one of the best, and most inspiring speeches I've heard in a long while.

The Course of Human Events By David McCullough Read by David McCullough
Simon and Shuster put it together and I recommend everyone who likes David McCullough and history take a listen. I understand that there's a written version of the speech, as well, but listening to Mr. McCullough speak definitely added to the enjoyment. I haven't returned the CD yet because I plan to listen to it again.

Back to my homework. Have a good few weeks, folks, and hope to see you at the next meeting.


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