Friday, October 24, 2008

"My Take," by Marjorie Henderson

The following is from our own Marjorie Henderson:

"I sent this message in response to a dear friend, someone whom I love dearly, who has informed me she has voted for the "other guy" in spite of all the good stuff you all have been emailing to me. I'm passing these thoughts along FYI because they briefly state where I stand.


Hi, Betty -

I apologize for having become so passionate about my political stance, but I also had to do what my heart and conscience dictated by trying to dissuade you from making the choice you have made. This has nothing to do with what we mean to each other, you know that, but you were forthcoming with me concerning your reasons, and I respect them even though we are so politically polarized. You are New York Times...I am Fox News Channel and Townhall.

I have never been quite so passionate about an election as I have been about this one. Barack Obama shares absolutely none of my values. I am not an egalitarian. I believe we are equal only in God's sight. It seems to me Barack's idea of "equality" would rob us of incentives to achieve the American dream and would have us all "equally poor".

I have had the luxury of having the time to listen carefully to much of his and McCain's political speeches, and my feeling is that while B.O. is a smooth speaker, he has mesmerized the nation with elegant but empty rhetoric. I disagree that he has waged a good campaign. He hasn't had to. The media has done it for him.

John McCain was not my first choice as a candidate...I preferred, in this order, Mitt Romney, then Fred Thompson, then Mike Hukabee. I was dismayed when McCain was nominated, BUT I KNOW who he is. I can't say the same for Obama. My beloved America is in dire straits and needs a leader with experience. No one has been able to define Obama's accomplishments. There is a great deal of mystery about who this man is. There are so many unanswered questions about his personal history. The alliances he evidently sought out when he went to Chicago are all so anti-American as to leave me completely outraged, but the "drive-by media" are so in the tank for him they don't ask the important questions. Should he be elected president his "advisors" will be the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, who have exercised their power by keeping important legislation from being brought to the floor for a vote, and he will go along with them to keep the party intact. The Democrats will control Congress and we will no longer have a two-party system, and could easily devolve into a dictatorship. Heaven forbid! Our freedoms are being seriously eroded.

I also disagree with you about Sarah Palin. She is to me a breath of fresh air. She's plain-spoken and honest. What you see and hear is what you get. She's articulate and passionate in her love for America. The media has been so very unfair to her, and unfortunately they have subjected her to so much ridicule and this is what is heard constantly by a majority of television news viewers. On the other hand, that "doofus" Joe Biden is given a pass every time he makes some ridiculous pronouncement. Michele Obama is another mystery. I can't tell how she really feels about America. She's certainly no Laura Bush!

I have always believed that people get the government they deserve. I pray I won't be put in the position of having to say "I told you so"

Love you,


[Well said, Marj]

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