Friday, October 31, 2008

View from a VIP table - from Mary O

Hi, Dianne,

Please feel free to pass this along to all the Prager people that might be interested.

I had the privilege of attending the VIP dinner before the Townhall program. My husband Mike (who I just about dragged there- he's a Democrat!) and I were a few minutes late so we just sat at the first table we saw that had 2 empty chairs. The event started with the WHK General Manager thanking us for coming. He then introduced a Deacon from St. Augustine's Church in Tremont who gave the invocation and blessing of our meal.

Michael Medved thanked us all profusely for our dedication and sacrifice of giving up our evening to watch The BARACK OBAMA INFOMERCIAL that was being broadcast that night. Everyone, of course, laughed at that one!!

The food was excellent but the company was even better. The 8 others at our table were much like our own Prager group,(perhaps some of them were Pragerites?), because it was a mixed group of younger, older, male and female from different walks of life. All very nice and all very passionate about our upcoming election. I'd say there were probably about 50 people in the room including many from WHK/Salem Broadcasting and I kept looking around for "our man Dennis" but I couldn't see him at first.

I was just finishing my coffee when Michael Medved came up to our table to say hello. We spoke briefly about "getting the message out" about the importance of the choices in this election. We all told him what a great job they were all doing.

At this point I'm getting a crick -in -my -neck from turning around to look for Dennis. Finally ---there he was!! I grabbed by husband's leg and said "OH MY GOD HE'S HERE!"

After dessert the WHK station manager (who's name I can't remember) thanked everyone again for coming and said that everyone was welcome to come up and have their picture taken with Michael and DENNIS.

Now, I have to tell you all that I am in awe of Michael Medved's intellect and recall of history. I admire so much the way he takes on so many disagreeable people that call into his show with such a command of historical facts and pertinent information, and I just marvel at the way his show is both educational and very entertaining.

But let me be honest here, --to me there's just something about Dennis! Sometime at one of our meetings I'll have to explain where "my head was at" when I first started listening to talk radio and just happened to stumble upon The Dennis Prager Show.

Anywho.... As I was standing in line to meet the guys, I was thinking to myself "Self, what could you possibly say to Dennis Prager to thank him for all the clarity, humor, passion, integrity and moral guidance that he gives you every time you listen to him? Is there any way you could ever convey what a different way you have of looking at the world since you started listening to this man, reading his books, buying his CD's. Maybe you could invite him over for a meal, or ...???"

OH! it's my turn to meet them. So I walk up and shake Michael Medved's hand and tell him that I'm a big fan and then I turn to Dennis and politely shake his hand and then I blurt out "would you mind if I gave you a hug??? My husband is over there and he says it's OK." Dennis laughs and says "are you sure he says it's OK? Where is your husband? I point to Mike who is looking at me like "you are nuts" but is waving and laughing and says "It's OK, Dennis." So he gives me a big bear hug and then I stand between him and Michael Medved and have my picture taken. I tell them that I am sending this picture out as my Christmas card to all my Liberal-Democrat family and friends. They both thought that was so funny!! (I'm not sure if they were laughing at me or with me, but I don't care.)

It was a great experience and an awesome night. It was definitely the most hopeful I've felt about this impending election in months. There was such a positive energy in the air. We then went into the main room for the Townhall event and Mike is muttering something about, "I hope nobody finds out about me being at this (Republican) rally." But lo and behold there are 2 other Firefighters in the room that come up to us and slap Mike on the back.

By the time the evening was over I could tell everyone there was feeling more positive about the outcome of this most important vote. I could tell Mike was getting caught up in the excitement of the evening and was happy to see him standing and applauding with everyone else when Joe Lieberman walked up to the stage.

When we went next door to Hoolihan's for a drink to wait for the parking lot to empty out, I asked him what he thought of the events of the evening. He said "you know I have to admit, these guys are very clear on their message and I admire the way they present the facts with such passion. I've been very torn about which way to go on this election, but I have to tell you, after tonight I'm definitely voting for McCain/Palin."

Good Night!!!

Mary O

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