Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Upcoming Prager Group NEO header for our newsletter

Every newspaper or newsletter needs a banner. We now have one. Now all we need is some news and a good NAME for our newsletter.

I was thinking the Newsletter could have

1) West-side / East-side sections
2) Suggested topics for the Monthly Meetings
3) Subjects that we would like Dennis to cover
4) Field trip ideas
5) Birthdays - with or without the year
6) Pragerisms - an ever-expanding list of Dennis' best quips, from either his books, lectures or the shows
7) "If I were Alan Estrin, I would... " section
8) If I had only minutes to pack, what would I take?
9) Our bucket list (things to do before we die)
10) A good cartoon
11) New members intro
12) Pictures

This is just a start, of course, as I KNOW you guys have other and probably better ideas.

Looking forward to your contributions, and they don't have to be continual, they can be seasonal, intermittent, or just once in a while (which might be the same as 'intermittent," but I'm not sure).

I think, too, that with as busy as people are, we can try for a once-a-month publication but once-every-other-month would work, too.

If you offered to help with the newsletter, please email me.


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