Monday, May 5, 2008

Reminder about May's meeting date

Just wanted to remind everyone that we have moved the May 11th meeting to May 18th.

We also have six new members (Tom, Peter, Lori, John, Wendy and Marjorie) and we hope to see them at future meetings.

We had an unexpected treat recently, for those of you who follow and listen to the podcasts of the Young America's Foundation, this one was posted recently:

Wednesday Feb 20, 2008
Dennis Prager: The Left’s Distorted View of America
Young Americas Foundation
Through humor, Dennis Prager, radio host, author and columnist, speaks at Young America’s Foundation’s Rawhide Circle in Santa Barbara, California about the left’s view of America.

It's a great podcast, Dennis live and at his best.

Give a listen at:

You can listen right there through the web site or through ITunes.

And please feel free to post on the Dennis Prager NEO weblog, it's your site, your spot to share Pragerisms, or just how Dennis has impacted your life. If you didn't get the log in and password information just let me know.

See you all at the next meeting, May 18th at 2. If you're new, just look for a bunch of friendly and dynamic conservatives.

Have a great week! And, in case I forget, Happy Mother's Day next Sunday!