Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pictures from Solon Chabad!!

Renee's husband, Donn Nottage, has come through again with fantastic pictures from the Happiness lecture that Dennis gave at the Solon Chabad.

(I was sitting right near Donn and thought, "How in the world is he going to get good pictures from this distance?" As you can see, I had nothing to worry about!)

I'm only putting up a few of them here, but they are the important ones: With Prager Group people standing with Dennis.

If you would like the entire set, please let me know and I'll contact Donn before sending them to you. Rabbi Greenberg already received his set and so did Dennis.

Thanks, again, Donn!

PS - In the picture below is Kobe Japan's very own Dennis Prager Group member, James Domingo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Upcoming Prager Group NEO header for our newsletter

Every newspaper or newsletter needs a banner. We now have one. Now all we need is some news and a good NAME for our newsletter.

I was thinking the Newsletter could have

1) West-side / East-side sections
2) Suggested topics for the Monthly Meetings
3) Subjects that we would like Dennis to cover
4) Field trip ideas
5) Birthdays - with or without the year
6) Pragerisms - an ever-expanding list of Dennis' best quips, from either his books, lectures or the shows
7) "If I were Alan Estrin, I would... " section
8) If I had only minutes to pack, what would I take?
9) Our bucket list (things to do before we die)
10) A good cartoon
11) New members intro
12) Pictures

This is just a start, of course, as I KNOW you guys have other and probably better ideas.

Looking forward to your contributions, and they don't have to be continual, they can be seasonal, intermittent, or just once in a while (which might be the same as 'intermittent," but I'm not sure).

I think, too, that with as busy as people are, we can try for a once-a-month publication but once-every-other-month would work, too.

If you offered to help with the newsletter, please email me.


Terrorism's Global Impact I - RJC event Dec. 14

The Republican Jewish Coalition of Cleveland invites you to attend our December Current Events Discussion Group

Terrorism's Global Impact, Part I

Michael (a former intelligence officer) and Beverly Goldstein attended the World Counter-Terrorism Summit in Herzlia, Israel last September and will debut their power point presentation on Afghanistan.

A discussion and Q&A will follow.

Sunday, December 14th - 9:45 - 11:15 am

The Four Seasons Party Room
26400 George Zeiger Drive
Beachwood, Ohio

There will be no charge to attend this program.
To RSVP, please contact Barbara Amper by phone:(216) 831-2083 or email: . Just mention your Dennis Prager group affiliation.

Republican Jewish Coalition Cleveland Chapter

A little late but here are Donn's pictures from the Townhall Meeting in October 2008

Donn Nottage (Renee's husband) gave me a disk with these great photos on it but I'm just now getting to put them up on a web site for you all to see. I'll get one of his videos up as well.

By the way, the pictures appear in reverse order, the first ones are the last ones Donn took; it was just the way I uploaded them. You can start at the bottom of the web page if you like. (Sorry.)

It's not all the pictures but a representative selection of Donn's awesome pics.
Thanks, Donn!

In case you weren't there, Hugh Hewitt arrived late because he was doing his show live from LaCentre, but to his right is Michael Medved, then Dennis, then Joe Lieberman arrived near the end. Donn's early pictures show some of the Pragerites sitting in the front row.


Monday, November 17, 2008

The "Pragerhead" experience

I think it was Janice last night who compared us to 'Deadheads,' those die-hard fans who are willing to travel anywhere the band the 'Grateful Dead' is performing.

That's us, Pragerheads, Dennisheads ... We braved the cold, the snow, the slush, the long trek from the Cleveland Clinic or Church parking lots to hear Dennis speak on one of his favorite subjects (and ours), Happiness. Thankfully, members of the Solon Chabad, invited us to share the experience.

When Dennis took up the microphone last night he wanted to know right away who in the audience had never heard him on the radio. Quite a few people raised their hands, and Dennis wondered aloud, "What are you doing here then?"

I was mystically jealous of those people who had never heard Dennis on the radio. These were first-timers, 'virgins,' as it were. They were about to experience those "Wow!" moments the way I did when I first heard Dennis Prager on the radio, when I first heard "I prefer clarity over agreement," or even "Write that down, Alan!" - that kind of wisdom which only comes from long-dead grand-parents or even, say, Will Rogers or Homer Simpson.

I knew what was coming and I silently begged these people to pay very close attention because they were about to have their worlds changed forever.

But then, like any good experience, I found myself enjoying re-living those same moments, just the way I would if I were listening to a favorite song, or watching for the billionth time one of my favorite movies.

I didn't care if I knew I was going to hear something I had heard before, I was actually listening for it, waiting for it, and, of course, hoping that everyone else would revel in it, too. And, yes, I think they did.

Last night's Happiness lecture reminded of the time, a number years ago, when we had tickets to hear Victor Borge. We were polite, an appreciative audience, (in Asheville, NC, the stage set outdoors on the terrace of the Biltmore estate, overlooking the Smokey Mountains). But we didn't really come alive until Borge started doing his old routines, the ones that first made us laugh all those years ago. We fairly screamed when the elderly Borge fell off his piano bench while his beautiful opera singer belted out some aria or another. It was the 'old' stuff that drew us there in the first place. The kids in the audience even got the jokes. I don't think you can get enough of a good thing.

There was another process going on in my mind when I should have been listening to Dennis. I love watching couples, not necessarily married couples, it just has to be two people who know each other well. I like to observe their body language when they are sharing the same experience. They are subtly sharing it with each other through whispers, side glances, and the hardly-noticed leanings into one another, as if to say, "Did you hear that?" They don't usually turn fully frontally and face their companion because that might be too much of a distraction or intrusive. Most of these communications, of course, are designed to go unnoticed by anyone else.

I can see why this sharing of the "Dennis Prager experience" is analogous to the Deadhead one, and why we are then drawn to communing with each other every month at our Dennis Prager Group meetings.

But I think my most memorable and perhaps profound "Wow!" moment last night came when Dennis spoke of the minister who surprised his congregation one Sunday when he told them, "God isn't enough." From our human beginning God knew that He wasn't going to be enough for us, that we were going to need other people. It just so happened that Adam needed a wife (don't they all!) but more importantly God knew that Adam needed someone other than God Himself. Who would have thought! Even Will Rogers would have appreciated that revelation!

Pragerheads come from very diverse experiences, some religious, some secular and some combination of secu-religious ones, but Dennis reminded us last night where happiness needs to come from and that we owe it to other people to at least act happy even if we're not feeling it at the moment.

Dennis also spent a good bit of time on how the Chronically Unhappy and 'Moody' people can have an adverse effect on children, too. I felt empathy for the young father in the audience, the one who was looking for advice on how to keep a three-year-old from becoming a chronic complainer. (I'm not sure if the young father ever heard someone say, "If you don't stop that crying I'm going to give you something to REALLY cry about!" The line worked on me as a child so I used it on my kids.) Dennis did his best to offer advice but in the end he fell back on the one staple and really ancient tenet: You'll figure it out.

Like most important experiences I will regurgitate pieces of the evening over time and it will be as though I am just tasting these morsels for the first time.

I also feel a little like a pearl diver who already knew what was inside that crusty old shell but then was surprised to find there were two pearls this time. One pearl looked a lot like all the other pearls and then there was this new one, one I hadn't ever imagined before.

I look forward to hearing from you about the other pearls you found last night. Send me your emails or log on here yourself and we can all re-live the night.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dennis Prager Group NEO badge

For those attending tonight's Happiness lecture at Solon Chabad, please look for me and pick up your new laminated DENNIS PRAGER GROUP NEO ID badge.

I'll have more with me at future meetings, too. Or if you know you won't be able to attend a meeting, please let me know I can mail you one.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Mustard Seed has it!

Enough votes are in to determine a winner in the "Where do we meet before the Happiness Lecture on the 16th" campaign, and the Winner is The Mustard Seed Cafe!

See you all at 5'ish on Sunday, November 16th.

Happiness all around!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Please vote!

You're probably tired of this voting thing, but this one's really important. We're voting on which place we want to meet before the Dennis Prager "Happiness" lecture this coming weekend, on the 16th of November.

The poll is on the right, and you just have to pick which place you'd like to meet. They are all on Kruse Road, and we know (from Prager people) that the The Rusty Bucket and The Mustard Seed are near each other.

Where ever we meet, we have Dennis' lecture to look forward to. And to those of you who are going to Solon Chabad for dinner, we'll look for you there.

I "heart" Veterans!

You gave us your best, your heart and soul, and now we take this one day a year to give you the honor you deserve.

You probably don't hear it often enough, but millions of Americans really appreciate your service.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The honeymoon begins

To those who wrote me in the almost-and-then-post election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, thank you for sharing your thoughts. My thoughts, my feelings, are normally like bright and cheerful cherry Jello, but today are more like molten lava, searing and painful to the touch.

I admire those of you who are stable enough to live somewhere in the middle of Jello and molten lava. You will do the right thing by getting behind the new president and support him and I will look to you for my dose of the healing balm of logic and reason that you will bring to the Dennis Prager discussion group.

My husband, clear and steady thinker that he always is (even when he's totally wrong) was not trying to console me this morning as much as he was trying to keep me from going "Rambo" and spew anti-the-new-president invectives. He knows me well enough by now to know that I cannot hold on to anger very long, just like I can't wear too-tight jeans for any length of time; they have to come off so I can relax and breathe again.

Dennis Prager will have to come to my rescue with his plethora of feel-good platitudes, and his far-sightedness, anything to remind me that the "sun will come up tomorrow."

Come to think of it, the sun did come up today and I was here to witness it, and God-willing, everyone you know and care about was here, too.

Don't let that last Jello-ey statement fool you, though. I have merely resigned from the McCain/Palin presidential campaign to sign on as a Watch Dog for anti-conservative, anti-American, anti-capitalism, and pro-Left activities. As Obama said in his acceptance speech last night that "anything in America is possible," I have to try and believe that We the People can prevail in the long run and pass on the America that our ancestors wanted for us.

If you catch me looking backward it is only because I never want to forget the reprehensible disservice that was done to an honorable and courageous president, George W. Bush.
Happy people make the world a better place...

See you all at the next meeting at 2 p.m. Sunday, November 9, at the Panera Bread store in Brooklyn.