Thursday, March 5, 2009

Next Dennis Prager Group NEO meeting...

My apologies, Prager Group members, for not sending out a reminder sooner. I was actually just updating two home calendars (so my poor husband, John knows where I'm going to be at any given moment) and got to March 8 and saw "PRAGER GROUP meeting.

Holy Cow!

Here's the details, right from Dennis himself **:

We have new members to welcome, too. Intern Roy Hadavi sent me an updated list yesterday and so we welcome: Arthur, Mitchell and - forgive me if I get your name wrong - Liss.

I missed the last meeting and although I spent the weekend having good times with my East coast family, I hear I missed a great meeting.

A special message to our newcomers: We are an amazing conglomerate of people who just love Dennis. We decided at our first meeting that we would have no stated agenda, loosey-goosey discussion, as it were, leaving the meeting open to those things that are timely and important to the members. All of Dennis' specific hours are open to sharing: Man-Women, Ultimate Issues, and, of course, The Happiness Hour.

Shyness is not encouraged but we respect it. Not everyone is the perpetual chatterbox that I am.

We all are fans of Dennis, students of the Prager Philosophy, and are therefore, Works in Progress. I never leave a meeting without having something new to chew on, without some mental evolution having taken place - and it's all due to the Dennis Prager Movement.

If you haven't been to Paul Croshaw's web site yet - - please go and see how Paul is progressing on what should be an Oscar-winning movie.* I've watched the rough cut a couple of times now and am looking forward to the finished version.

If you're still recovering from the election - recovery doesn't seem possible, though, since there's daily something new to raise our collective blood pressures - the Floor will be open for those discussions, too.

A message for the Old-Timers, those of you we haven't seen for a while (and you know who you are) We miss you and look forward to your return.

See you Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Panera Bread cafe on Brookpark Road, facing the Great Northern Shopping center.

Regards to All,

PS - Friends are welcome, too, especially if they're new to Dennis Prager, or considering switching to a Clarity Over Agreement philosophy
PPS - The newsletter, Clarity, took a backseat to some other stuff I was doing, but you will be seeing a March issue. PLEASE SEND ME STUFF TO INCLUDE! Thanks.

* Although we all know that the good stuff rarely gets noticed in Hollywood, there are signs and conservative people who are making waves out there.
** You may recognize that it's not really Dennis speaking to us; I borrowed the image from Paul's web site.