Tuesday, January 1, 2008


As promised, I proudly share "BASEBALL, DENNIS & THE FRENCH."
by Paul Croshaw.


My name is Paul Croshaw and I'm the producer of the documentary BASEBALL, DENNIS AND THE FRENCH -- which features Dennis Prager.

You all are "hardcore" Prager fans like me. And the websites and blogs you all have created are really good. Like you , it's become my mission to promote Dennis Prager and Judeo-Christian values. Most of you are leaders of Prager discussion groups and I want to know if you would forward this email to your members.

It's a Special Update e-blast with a unique fundraising request. Read the Update and if it's appropriate, I would really appreciate it if you would forwarded to your members and anyone else who cares about the values we share. Some of you, without solicitation, have already donated to help make this film.

Thank You! I would also be happy to link your website or blog on my website. Let me know -- I'm flexible.

Again, thank you so much and if I'm ever in the area I would love to come to a meeting.

Paul Croshaw, Producer http://www.BaseballDennisandtheFrench.com

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  1. Thank you so much for attending our OC Dennis Prager meetup 10 Jan 08. Hearing about your project was very inspiring. I will report about our meeting and about your project on my blog. http://judgeright.blogspot.com
    I am looking forward to sending a small contribution to your film project.