Thursday, January 10, 2008

A 'History of Thought..."

Please forgive me for sharing something from Hugh Hewitt's program on Dennis Prager's NEO blog site, but I just can't keep a good thing to myself.

Some of you may have already heard Hugh's six-part interview series with Hillsdale College President, Dr. Larry Arnn last week, a "history of thought." It seems to have been Dr. Arnn's choices of the world's great thinkers and from Socrates to Churchill.

I've been working at temp job for a couple of weeks, on a pretty boring although necessary project, and I turn on my I-Pod Shuffle in the morning when I arrive and leave it on all day, listening over-and-over again to the wonderful capsulettes Hugh and Dr. Arnn put together for us.

I recommend at least one run-through of the series for everyone; its' just that the soft and rhythmic sound of Dr. Arnn's stories has become like music to my ears and I have yet to tire of it. I especially love the vignette about George Washington.

When you go the web site to listen to the podcasts remember there are six of them, across two pages. Enjoy!!

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