Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iowa 2008 Caucus

The results are in from Iowa and Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama are the winners for their respective parties caucus. While I am still a free agent for whom I will support, a large part of me is glad to see Huckabee win in the face of Romney's multi-million dollar barage of Iowa.

As for Barack Obama I believe he is a nice man with an honest agenda. Unfortunately it is the antithesis I what I would like to see. I do not buy into his change revolution. Every four years we here about change. Two words that make me cringe are "change" and "progressive. Progressive really means oppressive and the change we need is to change back to the morals and values that brought our country to this point. That said, when I see and hear Obama I am reminded of the quote the classical compose Claude Debussy made about the music of Richard Wagner, and I am paraphrasing; "He is a magnificent sunset mistaken for a dawn".

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