Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Saturday night Prager Group meeting!

Just a reminder, Gang -

Saturday at 7 p.m is our first Dennis Prager Group NEO meeting of 2008 at Angie and Dan Hall's house:

They're going to leave leave the Christmas lights up around the door and wil turn them on that night to make it easier to locate.

This time I will remember to bring my camera out for a group picture.

I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone and if you would like, I'd love have you share how Dennis has influenced you, or how he has changed your life. Dan got me thinking about topics and I'm sure you all will some of your own to offer. I just have to remember to bring them with me!

By the way, I tried to make plans to go and hear Dennis speak on February 7, in Cherry Hill NJ, a mere 7 hour drive from here, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to go. If one of you decides to make the trip, here's the information web site: . I wouldn't wait too long to order your tickets, though.

If someone does go you can share the experience with the rest of us!

See you Saturday!

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