Sunday, January 27, 2008

Members' web sites....

Remember I said we Dennis Prager Group members were dynamic in our commitments? Here are two of our members' web sites - Milla and Sonino.

Milla's group founded
"Grassroots American Values exists to promote and defend the right to life,marriage, traditional family values, small government within the Constitutional boundaries of the Founders, personal responsibility, and American sovereignty."

And Sonino wrote the book, "GOD versus The Cleveland Museum of Natural History: Whose Side is Science On?" Read more at "

"... 'GOD versus The Cleveland Museum of Natural History: Whose Side is Science On?' makes it clear that science is on the side of God and His Word, the Holy Bible, when it comes to telling us how the universe, earth, and all life forms originally came into existence: all were simply created by God the way the Book of Genesis tells us. That’s the most rational and logical answer based on the current scientific evidence."

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  1. Professor Kenneth Miller of Brown University is a devout Roman Catholic and a biologist who specializes in molecular biology, cell biology, and biochemistry. He is also a committed evolutionary biologist who disdains Intelligent Design. I have heard him speak in person twice, the last time at John Carroll University. He is living evidence that biological evolution is not incompatible with religious faith. I have read his book, FINDING DARWIN'S GOD in which he presents a serious critique of ID.